Parrtjima’s Economic Effects Discussed

There’s a bit of cost in handling an event, including, among others, having to get chair hire in Melbourne or wherever the event is, as the government of the Northern Territory was made aware of, with penny-pinching that’s estimated will cost Alice Springs $2m in lost earnings for 2020.

Tim Watsford of Major Events Australia touted the fact that even was growing faster than others of its kind in the AU, but some are saying that the event isn’t all its hyped up to be. That being said, local news outlets asked hotel managers on their opinion of the event, and they’ve been positive about it.

Notably, Major Events, in exchange for $70,000, skipped out on the 2020 Classic Outback Trial, which brought around 420 notable people and their vintage cars for 10 days in 2018.

However, Parrtjima Organiser Philip Bernadou says that it’s likely that they’ll be moving the event to NSW, with assistance from AGB Events.

There’s also been some question as the necessity of the additional equipment for the event, after all an event doesn’t need all the chair hire in Melbourne to succeed. Mr. Watsford was asked on the matter, who admitted that it’s hard to pin down, though he considers the event a light festival.

There’s the matter of the event’s $2m budget, which Watsford says is currently a hard dispute, noting that they abide by the 30% buy local rule, as per the terms of the NT Government. The AGB operates as an interstate provider, but the NT’s local policy also applies to them, meaning that NT local traders will get a 30% head start, with 30% to local providers.

Watsford says that the Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) will be especially supported by the event. AGB Events’ Rodney Cambridge notes that, of the $2m to go to the event, 80% of it will stay in the NT, with only $400,000 going to AGB.

Other governments in the region, like Parkes, Dubbo, and Bathrust, meanwhile, are eager to bring in the car rally, like Parkes, which is currently offering $15,000 to host the event, compared to the Alice Springs Town Council’s offer for 2018; $5,000. As a result, many are noting that the car rally is a wasted opportunity.

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