Queensland Investing Record Amounts Into Infrastructure

The Queensland government is looking to improve on its road and transport, to the benefit of commuters, tourists, and the many that use a Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle to get around. The government’s Budget will be investing a record total of $23 billion in roads and transport over a four year time period.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey, issued a statement on the matter, saying that the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program (QTRIP) 2019-20, to 2022-23, aims to continue the good work done by the Palaszczuk Government on investing on infrastructure in Queensland, particularly in the regional areas.

Bailey says that Regional Queensland is the biggest beneficiary for this latest budget, due to the fact that the government sees the state’s regional towns and cities are the engine room of the state economy. He explains that more than $14.5 billion of the QTRIP will be spent outside the local government areas of Brisbane, Ipswich and Redland.

Mr. Bailey also stated that this year’s budget will also go into projects that’ll help deal with congestion on the streets, a common issue that plagues many a Cairns to Port Douglas shuttle, so that people spend less time stuck in their cars and more time with what matters.

Minister Bailey also stated that they prioritized road safety for the budget, with $900 million in targeted upgrades in order to make sure that roads are safer.

Billions of dollars of funding will also go to rail and passenger transport infrastructure, including $160.8 million worth of funding for the North Coast Line, for upgrades to the line while Cross River Rail is under development.

Bailey adds that they’ll also be investing in bus stops and stations, continuing their commitment to expanding park ‘n’ rides, as well as making train stations in order to become more accessible to people with disabilities, alongside upgrades to key commuter roads in Brisbane to help with bus traffic.

As for the regional areas, the QTRIP will also help with road and infrastructure in the regional areas, as part of the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme.

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