QuickBooks Migration: Pros And Cons

Developed by Intuit, QuickBooks is an accounting software that is ideal for small businesses. It offers accounting solutions that come in packages where basic inventory management tools are provided. Just like other systems, however, switching to QuickBooks has its advantages and disadvantages. Through the conducted survey by many users across the globe, they were able to identify what they like and do not like about the software. Interestingly, the results showed that some pros were almost similar with the cons. But to give you an idea of what they all have in common, below are the generally accepted pros and cons.

QuickBooks migration offers convenience and efficiency since you can access them through your device. It also has good accounting reports and can be flexible when it comes to third party applications. But among all advantages, the most favorite of users is that it is offered at an affordable price.

However, users have observed that QuickBooks do not offer enough industry and business oriented features. It also does not have key reports beyond accounting. Some would experience system crashes while others complain it does not have direct professional support. In addition, people who do QuickBook migration experience issues with the size of their files and the allowed number of users.

When it comes to its function as an introductory system, perhaps everyone would approve that Quick Books is great for new and small industries, especially that putting up a business requires a software that will be helpful in managing it. The first software you purchase should go about accounting and financial management, and this means QuickBooks is the right one for you. But since most business owners have the goal of expanding the business, this challenges the limitations of the software. It does not have enough custom reports. You will not be able to show the entire reporting and transparency. It also has the tendency to double entry and key errors all throughout the systems. And if you will need a greater size for your files, QuickBooks might not be able to accommodate you as it has limited file size and number of users.

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