Recognition For The Ink Master

It was a cup of coffee unfortunately spilling into a napkin is what gave Rob Ottesen, a resident if Vero Beach working in the financial industry, the idea to make serigraph prints with the use of coffee-based ink. This is the time when he realized that no one has ever done this kind of thing before thus he decided to be the one to do it. He did not expect though that his artworks will soon be featured at the Gutenberg Museum located in Mainz in Germany. He was deemed as an international master together with the historical record of all print works and two bibles in Gutenberg that were made in the 15th century.

One of the most popular artwork nowadays is canvas prints Australia and all over the world and Ottesen has a lot more to offer aside from his prints. His very first print was completed in 2014 and in the years following that, he was able to master making inks from different items we often neglect on a daily basis.

As soon as he saw that coffee stain, he devoted his time into research in order for the possibility of his coffee to be used as ink. He talked to five different commercial print companies and all of them told him that it is not possible but Ottesen thought the opposite.

According to him, Geoff was the sole person that believed in his vision. He was the one who networked Ottesen with an ink consultant and they worked together with the Heidelberg Press. This is when his transformation from lithography to serigraphy started. Lithography prints with the use of chemicals while serigraphy employs stencils.

The first attempt made by Ottesen was a success and it was made with a coffee ink. The subject of the first print he created was the Seattle Space Needle because the city is known to be a coffee-lover.

Since then, Ottesen was busy working in his kitchen where he distilled ink coming from coffee until he was able to master the process. He admitted that the process is not as easy as creating canvas prints Australia because of the labor and time required but it was all worth it.

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