Respondents Want Insurance Improvement Process A Priority- Survey

Regardless of how old you are right and what your professional is, you need to make sure that you have the proper insurance that will take care of you in any unfortunate case that you get sick or you get involved in an accident. This will enable you to recover the amount of money that was used for taking care of your hospital expenses. This procedure can be done by making a claim from your insurance provider. The key here is this: you can only make a claim and the insurance company can only grant the claim if the instances of you getting involved in an accident, falls within the company’s terms and conditions. For example, you have an existing car insurance and let’s just say that your precious car got involved in an accident. Having a car insurance is helpful in occurrences like this because if it’s proven by the investigation that the accident was not your fault, then the insurance company will cover all expenses involved in repairing your damaged car. This will save the clients from paying a tremendous amount of money for the repair because whether you like it or not, buying a new is already expensive but repairing an old car is equally a huge expense. That’s why it’s good that insurance improvement process must be done on a regular basis to make sure that every insurance company around the globe is able to provide the necessary insurance to their paying clients.

According to a survey which conducted back in the 4th quarter of 2012, around 93% of the individuals who was asked to participate in the said survey had cited that insurance improvement process should remain a top initiative to allow them to lower their respective operational costs. The main objective of the mentioned survey was to identify the major trends, pain points and the needed initiatives that are relevant to the insurance industry for 2013 and beyond. According to the survey, around 66% of the respondents were saying that there was not enough amount of communication during the process of claiming insurance which made it the top-ranking issue among customers.

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