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Responsive Web Design For A Criminal Lawyer’s Website

Even before the pandemic, the criminal lawyer in Toronto has been embracing technology for years. Most lawyers have websites that provide relevant information to people. They also use digital marketing techniques like blogs and SEO to attract more clients to their practice. Web design focuses on user engagement through a variety of layouts, colors and design styles.

It is important for a lawyer’s website to offer an optimized mobile experience to people who prefer to use their smartphones. The popular solution available today is responsive web design that leverages new features on CSS3 to modify the size and position of web page elements according to the device’s screen size, orientation and pixel ratio.

Responsive web design is very essential for a lawyer’s website that provides relevant content and digestible texts and images. Since mobile users are familiar with native apps, they can be engaged through an interface layout that mimics the native apps associated with their devices.

However, responsive web design also has its share of limitations that prevents it from becoming a regular solution outside of blogs, design portfolios and news sites. Fortunately, there are HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScrip DOM standards available on major mobile browsers. It makes it achievable for web developers to build web apps that function like their native app counterparts without redirecting to a separate domain.

DOM can be modified with the appropriate JavaScript and CSS files served based on a user’s browsing device so that there will be no need to maintain a separate site for mobile phones and tablets. The philosophy of responsive web design deviates from serving up separate subdomains for mobile devices.

Traditional server-side scripting detection can be repurposed so as to tender a similar HTML file in different ways. Server side detection is easier because there is a wide array of libraries that work for this purpose.

Technology is very important for a criminal lawyer in Toronto in order to inform people about the services it provides during the pandemic. Since most offices are closed due to social distancing and lockdown guidelines, the only option for people is the website to engage the lawyer’s services.