Safety In Phuket Prioritized In Order To Attract More Tourists

There are a lot of real estate constructions and development in Karon thus it is imperative more than ever to prioritize the safety of the tourists in the island. It has always been recognized that the whole nation of Thailand requires an effective rescue program in order to increase the confidence of international tourists who are planning to visit the country. According to KobkarnWattanavrangkul, the minister for tourism and sports, it is important that accident rates among visitors should be lowered as well.

Mrs. Kobkarn added that safety awareness has already been started in the island of Phuket and it will eventually be implemented in the whole country to make sure that the international travelers will have more confidence while travelling in Thailand.

This was all tackled by Mrs. Kobkarn during her speech at the Phuket’s safety demonstration wherein the deputy Prime Minister, ThanasakPatimaprakorn, was also present.

According to data, foreign deaths in 2016 reached 228 and the highest death toll is among the Chinese tourists. Their number of deaths is higher compared to tourists coming from Europe and America.

The leading tourism officials have already asked for the cooperation of public as well as private organizations all over Krabi, Phuket and Phangnga in order to help the government in pushing forward its aim to increase the safety of the tourists. Safety practices are now being practices by major groups such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, travel operators based in the Andaman coast and the Royal Thai Navy.

According to lifeguards, there are now rescue teams in Phuket that are dedicated in assisting tourists that have been injured whether they are on land or in water. If there is a boat in the middle of the Andaman Sea that started fire, it can expect rescue within 10 minutes of flagging help. Injured tourists will then be transferred to the nearest hospitals without wasting a lot of precious time.

It is important for Phuket to be a safe place for tourists especially if it is aiming to attract more investors in its development in Karon. Gen. Thanasak said that one way to ensure that tourism continues to flourish in the country is to prioritize the safety of the visitors.

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