San Diego Invested $2 Million For Elaborate Bathroom

It is common to see public bathroom with just the basic fixtures such as bathroom wash basins but the officials from the city of San Diego have allotted $2 million for the construction of an artistic and elaborate bathroom. This was not welcome news since there are many complaints regarding the lack of restrooms in the downtown area.

San Diego Union-Tribune reports that a luxury restroom facility was constructed with the help from the city of San Diego. The art bathroom is called Birds’ Words.

The facility was completed in 2014 and it is located adjacent to the Broadway Pier. It is now an art piece that brings beauty to the passersby’s eye.

After the current outbreak of Hepatitis A in the city, many critics went back to the money used in constructing the art installation which could have been used in more useful projects. The money should have been enough to add more bathrooms which can be used by the homeless population roaming the downtown area.

According to Nancy Nygren, a resident, she is happy with the investment they have made in the name of arts but the bathroom was not made to be used as a functional facility.

Reports have indicated that one of the major reasons why there is a Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego is because of the shortage of public bathrooms which the homeless can utilize in the downtown area.

There are tourists that are not very impressed with the said art installation from the city. Marie Mirante who is visiting from Seattle said that fancy bathroom was underwhelming. There are no mirrors, no diamonds or gold fixtures, no automated flushing toilets which is kind of a mind boggling installation overall.

The art bathroom is said to follow the concept of a famous novella back in 190 entitled Jonathan Livingston Seagull which is all about a seagull wanting to be special.

Mirante added that the bathroom looks like a huge square block with holes which is not impressive. It has the most basic bathroom wash basins and it is far from other art installations in the world.

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