South Australia Government Commits $7.5m For Reforming The Red Meat Supply Chain

Good news for the South Australian meat industry, commercial meat slicer producers included, as the  government will be injecting $7.5 million into the state’s red meat sector in order to help it improve productivity and biosecurity.

The investment will come from the state’s Economic and Business Growth Fund, and will be focused on adopting the best technology, as well as improving vital infrastructure for growth, and measures to give the red meat industry more biosecurity.

State Primary Industries and Regional Development Minster Tim Whetstone stated that the funding support would be for boosting on-farm productivity across South Australia, increasing the number of sheep and cattle that the territory processes.

Whetstone elaborated, saying that the investment was based on a recent Beef and Sheep Industry Blueprints document, which noted several key opportunities for investment for South Australia, which could lead to increased farmgate returns, as well as greater market access. A key element of the proposed funding would be a roll-out of voluntary electronic sheep identification in order to improve traceability in the sector.

The government wants to support South Australia’s producers in order to boost the number of cattle and sheep flock in order to take advantage of the strong market returns, Whetstone said.

There’ll also be investment to the state’s One Biosecurity programme, which has managed to grow to 400 member livestock producers, ever since its roll-out in 2018.

Whetstone says that Government is focused on biosecurity, not the post-process stages like buying commercial meat slicer, in order to boost agriculture and the One Biosecurity programme aims improve traceability and market advantage for South Australia’s meat providers on a global stage.

He says that the Government recognises the importance of helping the state’s agriculture sector and the red meat industry is important to improving the state’s economy, as both the red meat and wool industry account for the largest chunk of manufacturing jobs, for 30,000 jobs.

South Australia sees an annual production of more than 950,000 head of cattle, 11 million sheep, and 57 million kilos of wool, which amount to a total production and processing revenue of $2.4 billion.


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