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Study In The UK Names Oxford As The Most Expensive Place To Be Cremated In

A recent study from the Oxford-based cremation urns supplier Urns for Ashes studies the cost of getting cremated in the UK, and discovered that the city of Oxford is the most expensive place in the country to get cremated in.

The three crematoriums in the city, Oxford Crematorium in Headington, South Oxfordshire Crematorium and Memorial Park in Abingdon and Banbury Crematorium, cost £1,070, £950, and £875, respectively, which all sit above the UK’s national average, which is listed at £783.18.In comparison, Belfast, the cheapest in the country to get cremated, has its cheapest cremation fee at £364.

The report, entitled “Can you afford to die?”, examined the UK’s crematorium fees, which the paper says have been on the rise since 1990, having increased by 766% since that time, until 2018.

Oxford’s crematorium fees went up by 7.11% between 2017 to 2018, while in Abingdon and Banbury, they only went up by 3.83% and 4.79%, respectively, in that same time span. Banbury has the average cremation cost of £3,448.

Oxfordshire saw 4,190 cremations throughout 2017.

According to Stuart Cox, the Corporate Communications Manager for Dignity PLC, the company that runs the Oxford Crematorium, people say that the most important factor in organising a cremation funeral to put the duly departed into cremation urns is to make sure the venue gives them plenty of time to pay their proper respects, to avoid what they describe as the ‘conveyor belt’ feeling that other crematoria might give with their service slots of an hour or the like.

Cox elaborates, saying that many other crematoria across the UK provide 30 or 40 minutes per slot for services, while Oxford Crematorium offers a full hour. With that in consideration, their fee sits at £17.83/minute, which sits close to the national average.

He defends the costs, saying that their fee also bundles additional services which others charge separately for, like legal and practical necessities.

Cox says that the Oxford Crematorium won’t be increasing their prices for 2018, and that their fee structure gives the families different options at price levels, the cheapest sitting at £499.

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