Takoma Park Shifting To LED Lighting

LED lighting system is coming to the streets of Takoma Park. We all know the benefits of LEDs including LED lighting strips and this is the same reason why the city decided to shift to LED lighting system. The city recognizes the fact that they will be able to save thousands of dollars from their previous energy costs using traditional lighting. Not everyone is in agreement with the decision though because residents believe that the streets in the suburb area of Maryland could resemble the inside of an operating room once the LED lights are installed.

Currently, Takoma Park is lit by various types of traditional lighting system such as incandescent and mercury vapor lights but majority of the park is ruled by orange hue coming from the high-pressure sodium lighting.

Kate Stewart, the city mayor, said that they are already excited to change all the existing street lights to LEDs also known as light emitting diodes because these consumes only a fraction of energy compared to the current lighting system and LEDs have longer lifespan. The plan has been in motion since 2015 and now they are finally acting on it.

Stewart said that there are several reasons why they decided to change the LEDs but the deal breaker is that energy efficiency of LEDs. The city is expected to save as much as $100,000 in annual energy costs once they have replaced all their lights to LED. According to Pepco’s vice president of governmental and external affairs, Jerry Pasternak, the figure was presented by the utility that manages the streetlights within the city which is located in the border of Montgomery Country.

Majority of municipalities all over the country have already turned to LEDs because of the huge energy savings and the decrease in the carbon footprint caused by traditional lighting system. Around 25,000 lights on the streets of Montgomery are going to be replaced with LED lights and the city is expected to save as much as $850 annually.

Aside from the benefits of LED bulbs and LED lighting strips, many residents are not sold with the idea because of the warning of American Medical Association that could impact the visibility of the drivers, cause disorientation to a number of animal species and change the circadian cycle.

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