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Tasmania Battling With Hairdresser Woes

When it comes to natural resources, Tasmania has a lot of them but the island state is obviously short on hairdressers. According to the hairdressers in Bondi Junction, it is the reason why there was an organized recruitment drive which was hosted in Melbourne three months ago. The recruitment is for hairdressers to move over to the Bass Strait where they are desperately needed.

During the recruitment was also done in part by the government of Tasmania to increase the current population of the state. The event was held at the Hair Expo Australia where a stall entitled Work in Tasmania was organized by the Hair and Beauty Tasmania.

Robert Mallett, the executive of Hair and Beauty, said that it gave them the chance to present the beauty of the profession as well as to let people know more about the island state. The slogan they used during the recruitment speaks of work available in Tasmania which is considered to be a paradise. During the entire expo, around 50,000 people witnessed and passed by.

Mr. Mallett said that the island is always looking for hairdressers that have the right qualifications and the industry is struggling because of the continued increase in staff turnover. This is also the woes of the salon owners in Tasmania.

Industry experts, however, said that the island state does not offer much in terms of financial incentives especially if they are to handle trainees. Not to mention the fact that the industry is not well regulated there.

A hair salon owner, Kieran Harrison, said that it is so easy for someone to say that he is an experienced hairdresser with a fake certificate because there is no governing body that handles the regulation. Looking at the law, these hairdressers are not mandated to show their certificates and they are also not required by law to hang one inside the business space.

She mostly pointed to what hairdressers in Bondi Junction referred to as backyard hairdressers because they are not paying taxes and they are also getting ahead of the legal businesses that are paying taxes and following the book.

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