Thailand To Offer Travel Insurance To Foreign Tourists

The best time of the year to visit Thailand is from November to early April but it does not mean that you cannot visit the Kingdom during other months of the year. Climate may vary from month to month but the beaches are still beautiful and inviting. If you are going to bring the family, do not miss to book accommodations at the family resort in Phuket to enjoy good discounts.

TAT or the Tourism Authority of Thailand has signed a memorandum of understanding with 3 of the leading insurance companies in the Kingdom to provide insurance policy, Thai Travel Shield to foreign tourists. An online insurance package can provide insurance up to 2 million baht. Premiums will start from 400 baht per trip up to 7 days.

The insurance companies include Muang Thai Insurance, KrungthaiPanich Insurance and South East Insurance.TAT has a long standing relationship with the insurance providers, Muang Thai Insurance and KrungthaiPanich Insurance. South East Insurance is a new partner. The aim of Thailand Travel Shield is to service 100 million free independent travellers.

Meanwhile, the aim of TAT is to boost the confidence of foreign tourists regarding safety. At least one third of the free independent travellers that are expected to arrive to Thailand this year are Chinese tourists. The rest will be international visitors from other countries like Europe who have travel insurance issued by their own countries but require additional coverage.

Travellers who plan to visit Thailand can buy insurance plan online before travelling. Once they go through the immigration process, the insurance will be activated to provide 24/7 protection. An insurance plan is very important when travelling to tourist destinations because sometimes accidents or sickness cannot be avoided. Tourists can contact a call centrestaff for assistance in the event of an accident, sickness, flight cancellation, lost luggage or death.

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