The Cost Of Transgender Bathroom Bill Issued By North Carolina

The administration under the Governor Pat McCrory of the North Carolina has issued a lawsuit for the federal government. According to the lawsuit, the U.S. Department of Justice has been accused because of its overreaching reaction with regards to the bathroom law passed by the state. As a response to the lawsuit, the Department of Justice also issued their own lawsuit against the state. According to the them, the law by the North Carolina that stops any transgender individual from having access to public bathrooms does not follow the civil rights law just because the gender of a person does not match that of written on their birth certificates.

This is one of the most pressing issues nowadays but one thing that is obvious with this ongoing ordeal is the costs that the state is paying with regards to the bathroom bill and things are just starting.

According to an estimate by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, the bathroom bill has lost business which amounted to $80 million and it is only exclusive for the events that are happening in Charlotte. The group has considered many factors with the said estimate such as the conventions that have been cancelled, reservations for the hotel rooms for overnights that have been lost as well as potential business that are now hesitant and worried about the law.

The same sentiment has been expressed by the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce’s president and CEO, Aaron Nelson. He added that hundreds of jobs have been lost because of the law and there is economic impact when it comes to the lost revenue usually earned in conferences which amounts to millions of dollars. There is also a big loss when it comes to community investment and hundreds of millions have been affected. Nelson added that this is just the things that they have been aware of and they are not sure what other implications the bathroom bill might have to their business.

There are many cancellations when it comes to concerts and conventions. Michael Jordan who is the owner of Charlotte Hornets has also voiced out his opinion against discrimination in whatever form.

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