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The Economic And Emotional Impact Of Burglaries

Many small businesses have been the target of burglars and criminals because of the lack of effective security systems. Aside from the economic loss, entrepreneurs suffer from emotional distress because of the amount of money needed to put everything back to proper order. The solution for small businesses is commercial security in Perth as the best crime prevention measure.

A spate of break-ins across Walsall has targeted Cream Gelato, a dessert store, Tea Pot Café, J&S General Stores and Greedy Pig Café. The Tea Pot Café experienced three break-ins for the last 4 months. The most recent attack happened in February 9. The burglars entered through the back door by using a crowbar which was left at the scene. The owners, Jenny Carver and Paula Shaw became concerned of their safety after seeing a meat cleaver at their backdoor.

The owners work hard six days a week to make the business successful. After the burglary, nothing was left on the premises and they do not have enough money to replenish the stocks. They had to invest thousands of pounds for the repair of the shutters and the front and back door. The burglary had a massive effect on the business and the owners feel that they want to give up.

At the Greedy Pig Café, a car jack was used to break the shutters at the back of the building before smashing a way to a window in the function room. The place was ransacked of £300 worth of spirits; however, the damage done to the store costs about £900.

At the Creams Gelato, thieves broke through a window and stole the safe and money at the tills. It looked like an organized job because the burglars knew the way to the office where the safe was located. The CCTV system was quite good but it was well covered.

Crimes have a big impact on the livelihood of business owners who have invested hard work and time to keep their business running. The best solution is commercial security in Perth that includes motion sensor and siren security system, perimeter alarm system, wireless security system, CCTV and Video IP Camera Surveillance System and Access Control and Partitioning Systems.

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