The Financial Pressure Of An Engagement

It is not the price that matters when choosing Melbourne engagement rings but the message that it conveys to the love one. That dream moment when you tell a woman that you want to marry her can only be made more precious if you choose the engagement ring wisely and smartly. If you keep the engagement and wedding affordable, you will be creating a strong financial foundation for your marriage.

Planning a proposal of marriage can put you into extreme financial pressure and it can become a major issue during the marriage. One of the biggest expenses during an engagement is the ring. The cost could range from several hundreds to thousands of dollars. According to The Knot, the average cost of an engagement ring is $6,163 but with a little amount of creativity, you can avoid overspending.

Michael Galvis, editor for Student Loan Hero, said that he decided on a cheaper engagement ring because it was better for him and his bride considering they are still starting their careers and saving money is their major priority. Some people will say that spending a month’s salary on an engagement ring is fairly common but only if it is affordable.

When buying an engagement ring, make sure you have enough cash to avoid interest costs. Always plan ahead if you are thinking of making a marriage proposal. Sometimes, it is important to know the preferences of the future bride. There are women who do not really care about expensive stuff like diamond rings when a simple band without stones will do.

A less expensive ring can be as beautiful as a diamond ring. There is the option of cubic zirconia that looks like a diamond. If you buy an expensive diamond ring, you have to consider insurance for ring loss, theft or damage.

There is no dearth for ring styles and settings from Melbourne engagement rings because they have a wide selection for different budgets. There are engagement rings in contemporary styles like solitaire, 3-stone setting, solitaire with side settings, halo setting, pave setting, bezel setting, swirl or channel setting. There are also diamond engagement rings in different cut grades.

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