The Future Of Tourism Industry In Phuket

A report was recently released by C9 Hotel works, a hospitality consultancy firm, which is the mid-year edition of the Phuket Hotel Market Update. According to Bill Barnett, the founder as wellas the managing director of the consultancy firm, the report is reflective of every accommodation including Kamala Beach Hotel since it is within the jurisdiction of Phuket province.

Based on the report, Mr. Barnett offered his own take regarding the future of the tourism industry in the island. He disclosed that this year was a disruptive one for the hotel and tourism industry in Phuket therefore they decided to investigate further into the performance metrics of all the accommodations available in the island.

STR, an analytics firm specializing in international hospitality data, was the main source of the logic report. C9 Hotelworks then decided to keep in touch with Jesper Palmqvist, the area director for the Asia Pacific region. From the discussion, they were able to identify the main points of the hotel industry in Phuket and Thailand as a whole.

While there was a noticeable decline for this year, the firm advised to look back into the first three months of the previous year which is 2018. From there one can identify that the specific period set the bar high and fully eclipsed the performance recorded for last two years prior.

Take for instance the number of Chinese arrivals into the country for the period between 2016 and 2018 wherein it broke the record for the highest number of tourists. From this area alone, an unrealistic expectation was already created.

Looking at the mid-year report, it appears as though the country is experiencing a decline with 12 per cent less compared to the previous year but it is actually performing as expected since the numbers for 2018 was considered to be epic.

There are worries among hoteliers including Kamala Beach Hotel but time will only tell if the performance of the island and the entire country will go back to being a seasonal boom. If this is so, the performance of 2018 can be considered a glitch of the past few years.

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