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The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home From A Lawyer’s Perspective

Daily life has changed so much for people and organizations including law firms like Donich Law since March 2020; however, certain aspects of the coronavirus pandemic have produced better lawyers. Professional development has been easier for lawyers because they can attend virtual CLE’s from the comfort of home or the office.

According to a criminal defence lawyer, he was able to speak with a client more frequently without the need to leave the home. He personally communicates with the client through his laptop without the need to schlepp to the jail or the court. He no longer needs to stay for hours in the cold prison’s waiting rooms to keep an appointment with an inmate.

Because the criminal lawyer can communicate with the client as much as he’d like to; when there is nothing new to report about the case, he becomes a psychologist instead of a litigator. He becomes a general hand-holder for clients who are stuck in jail and feels that no one is paying attention or cares for them. These are the skills worth developing for a criminal lawyer which is in line with their work.

Nowadays, criminal lawyers have plenty of time to prepare a case for trial. He does not waste half a day in court waiting for the case to be called and neither does he need to commute to work. More time is available to mull over a strategy, look over evidence, read the minutes of the grand jury and listen to the taped calls of the defendants.

However, there are also drawbacks to working from home. There are no holidays and free weekends. Clients expect to reach the criminal lawyer any time of day or night. Suddenly, work and home life have morphed into one. It also gets lonely without colleagues to discuss a case with.

Being charged with a crime is frustrating and potentially life altering; however, there is Donich Law that can provide legal support and protection. A criminal lawyer is just one call away to ensure that an accused is treated fairly and will be judged according to reliable evidence. Most results are delivered without the time and costs associated to a trial.