Tmall Report Says That Australia’s Importing More And More To China

China’s recently released its Global Annual Consumers Report for 2017, which has some notable data for the land down under, in particular those in logistic transport in Perth and across the country.

The 2017 Tmall Global Annual Consumers Report says that Australia has increased its imports into China, managing to move up to the business-to-consumer platform’s ranking of imports into China. Notably, Australia held the fourth spot in the ranking back in 2016.

In particular, health and nutrition supplements as well as baby products such as milk powder, were Australia’s largest imports into China, brought in due to high demand of Chinese consumers, which allowed the land down under  to compete with other countries, like Japan and United States.

Managing Director Maggie Zhou, Alibaba Group, says that, since they opened their ANZ headquarters in Melbourne in 2016, they have been working to supporting the success of Aussie businesses in China. She says that these results are a sign that they are succeeding on that front, making local Aussie businesses like logistic transport in Perth to do business anywhere.

She says that the Alibaba Group now has 515M active consumers using their China marketplaces, which creates a large opportunity for local Aussie businesses, and that they are excited to continue their China journey with local Aussie brands in 2018.

The report was published with cooperation with CBNData, a business research and marketing communications platform specializing in dealing with large market data. Besides noting which countries had the most imported sales into China, the report also noted that China’s post-millennials account for the largest part of imported products, with customer contentment and emotion having become a key factor with regards to imported product sales. Another thing the report noted was that imported products coming into China were now coming from a larger range of countries from across the world, on top of the increased importation the country was exhibiting.

Tmall Global is one of the largest B2C e-commerce platforms for China, accounting for a 27.6% market share by the final quarter of 2017. The report noted that this particular sector still had a lot of potential, with growth expected to grow by 20% by 2019.

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