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Twitter Purges Fake Accounts To Clean The Platform

Did you notice a sudden drop in your Twitter followers? Do not panic because fake accounts are being purged by Twitter including influencers that practice manipulation in their engagement numbers. It is no longer possible for influencers to retweet a tweet from multiple accounts at the same time. This is the standard practice of less than reputable influencers. However, the fake account purge may have a positive impact on your brand’s SEO efforts.

According to Neil Patel, there are several ways to use Twitter for SEO. Branded accounts use keywords and relevant links to optimize profile page and content. Unique hashtags are created and consistent activity is ensured in the Twitter account to drive engagements, mentions and links from other users. This will elevate the search engine ranking of the brand for targeted keywords.

The mass removal of fake accounts on Twitter has affected your engagement but it could strengthen SEO relative to the competitors. Instead of being demoralized with the lack of engagement, focus on the new opportunities to rebuild the strategy used for Twitter marketing.

Marketing teams are trying to find out why the brand’s Twitter account has lost a good number of followers overnight. Do not worry because even former Us President Barack Obama and famous celebrity Justin Beiber suffered from a significant drop in the number of followers. It does not change the ROI of your Twitter strategy but now you know the true value you are getting for your efforts.

With Twitter’s aggressive approach of cleaning the social media platform from fake accounts, marketers no longer have to worry about wasted marketing spending. The online followers of brands are now more reliable. There is transparency on the true number of followers. This provides the business with clearer and more accurate perspective on the behavior of their audience.

There is a lot that  can do for the website to improve its presence on the search engines. Non-essentials that slow down the website will be removed from flash graphics to unnecessary plug-ins. Targeted keywords will be used on content image title tags and meta tags descriptions. Current website architecture will be evaluated and then updated when necessary.

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