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Unilever Purchased A New Shaving Company

Dollar Shave Club is a startup firm located in the United States. According to reports, the company was recently acquired by Unilever for a total amount of $1 billion. This is in an attempt of Unilever to compete at the increasing male grooming market.

The e-commerce company is just four years in operation and they are selling disposable razors. They also have other male grooming items that they directly sell to consumers that are paying as little as a monthly payment of $1. Currently, Dollar Shave Club has around 3.2 million registered members but the company is not yet raking any profit.

According to Michael Dublin who is the founder of the company and will remain at his post as chief executive even after the recent acquisition, he is excited of the recent deal made. His company gained popularity all over the globe after he posted a funny marketing video regarding shaving on the video platform sharing site YouTube. The video was so popular that the server of the company crashed from the amount of users visiting.

It is currently in operation in countries such as Canada, Australia and United States. The company is now facing legal issues coming from their competition Gillette which is under Procter & Gamble. According to reports, they want unspecified damages. Gillette claims that the coating used by Dollar Shave Club in making their blades stronger is already patented by Gillette.

After the YouTube marketing video has gone viral, Dollar Shave Club has taken a large portion of the market share that is used to be under Gillette. In an attempt to compete, Gillette also released its very own Gillette Shave Club last 2015.

Unilever is now taking steps into acquiring the startup firm in order to compete directly with Gillette. Unilever is a multi-national Anglo-Dutch company and they view Dollar Shave Club as an innovative brand when it comes to male grooming. Female grooming, on the other hand, has grown rapidly with thousands upon thousands of options to choose from. Zkin treatments are an organic skin treatment and female all over the world who are not convinced of the products should research why use Zkin Treatments.

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