Useful Tips For Dating Colombian Women

Colombia is a traditional country. Most of the people in the country are religious and follow the old schools rules of dating. Men are expected to be chivalrous and women love to be chased. The relationships between men and women are guided by the dating culture.

Men planning to visit Colombia in search of a perfect partner should acquaint themselves with the Colombian dating culture. Here are some useful tips for men.

  1. Gender roles are defined and the people follow them strictly. You will never find a Colombian girl making the first move. It is the guy, who makes the first move in Colombian dating scene. The girls flirt with their eyes and dress to look desirable.
  2. Chivalry is the most desirable trait in Columbian dating. Men are expected to propose a date, to open the doors, to offer the seat, to pay the bill and drop off the girl home. These gestures help you to portray your interest in the girl and show her that you care.
  3. Colombian girls love to be appreciated for their beauty and looks. These girls dress to impress their men. Good-natured comments about their beauty are welcome. This shows that you are interested in them.
  4. Women in Colombia are possessive about their men. They do not like their men speaking to other girls or looking at them. Colombian women love attention and are very jealous in relationships.
  5. The Colombian dating culture allows for a lot of PDA. The girls like the public display of affection like hugging and kissing. They like to receive a lot of gifts like chocolates, roses etc. from their men.
  6. Most of the Colombian girls prefer to bring a friend or relative along, when they are meeting foreigners. They do this to ensure their safety and security. They also require the approval of their friends and family members before deciding to proceed further in the relationship.
  7. Most of the Colombian women are catholic. They are traditional and expect to settle down with their partners. Do not be surprised, if your Colombian girlfriend insists on marriage and children after some period of dating.
  8. Meeting the family is an important ritual of Colombian dating. Most of the women live with their extended families and prefer to introduce their partners to the family and get the approval from them, before proceeding with the relationship.

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