What Is In The PADI Deep Diving Course In Thailand

Exploring the deep-water scuba dive sites is an exciting and interesting thing to do. However, you must have the proper training and skills to do this type of diving because of its safety risk that isuncontrollable. It is essential for you to know about the potential deep diving dangers first before you get into the waters for your safety.

The PADI deep diving course in Thailand will increase your existing limits of deepness to 40/130ft. With this, you can explore new environments, more exciting underwater creatures, deep wrecks, and perhaps just to be far from the troops.

The special diving course in Thailand is comprised of classroom discussion about the theories and actual dives. You can complete 4 activities of open water plunges, learn the facts about deep diving, and know the importance of accepting own personal limits during your two-day session with your instructor.

You must get a PADI instructions material that includes a video and a manual. You must first read the manual and see the video before you meet with your instructor. During the meeting, you will talk about organizing and planning of the following:

  1. Deep dives
  2. Equipment requirements
  3. Buddy contact systems
  4. Buoyancy controls
  5. Management of oxygen supply
  6. Depth limits
  7. Deep diving techniques
  8. Decompression sickness
  9. Nitrogen Narcosis
  10. Emergency equipment
  11. Review on recreational dive planner
  12. Safety procedures
  13. Post-dive procedures

All dives are going to be completed in the clear seas because of the structure of the dive sites and the nature of the subject. You will also learn during the course that the kind of dive site is a major factor to consider in deep diving, thus, it is essential to choose the safest location and best dive site to implement the program. You must be 15 years of age to join the PADI deep diving course.

Taking specialty courses allows you to explore a wide variety of new diving skills and experience many exciting adventures in diving. You will be prepared to dive in special dive sites in the world.

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