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What It Means To Be An Eye Doctor In Sutherland

Have you ever wondered how much it costs for a patient to see an eye doctor in Sutherland for an eye treatment? The amount can be broken down by using the workflow of the practice. Let’s say a patient calls the clinic for appointment, go through an office visit, and make follow-up checkups a year later or more. The process uses lens of a traditional paper practice office. I have followed the routine using a stop watch and spreadsheet; and assisted the clinic to transfer information to an electronic health record system.

So, let’s come up with assumptions to determine the variability of the work flow and other various treatments to arrive at realistic figures. Here are the assumptions:

  • A traditional two eye doctor in Sutherland with seven staff members
  • The optician earns $16 per hour, the receptionist $12 per hour and the technician $14 per hour.
  • Each doctor can cater to 12 patients per day and works 245 days a year. The doctor is refunded at a rate of $73.03 per hour, based on the 2009 figures of the CIBA Vision Management.
  • Around 40% of patients purchase a complete pair of eyewear, while the remaining 40% wear contact lenses.
  • It may take three minutes to locate a chart, though it’s likely an underestimation based on questionnaires and experiences.


At the reception, the patient will make an appointment, drop by the clinic, and have the technician check his or her eyes for exam. Building the physical chart and insurance verification are included in the process.


The clinic time begins with the tech checking the patient till the end of his examination. Hethen proceeds to see the eye doctor in Sutherland, who escorts the patient to either the optical, contact lens area or the front desk.


The process begins with the patient is transferred to the optician.

Contact Lenses

It’s an exam that requires the staff member to bring the patient to the contact lens room tillhe finally leaves the clinic.

Check Out

The staff transfers the patient from the exam room to the reception area to cover his expenses.


Billing is donewhen the staff member fills out a chart and receive payment for the services.

Depending on the eye doctor in Sutherland, the patient can now get his eyeglasses or contact lenses.


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