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What To Know About Deet Free Mosquito Repeller

Deet is a nasty but sometimes an essential part of enjoying the outdoors. If you want to do away with mosquitoes sucking your blood, then you need it for protection. As what science says about deet, they are synthesised chemicals that humans use as a mosquito repellent. However, there are few people with adverse reactions in their skin and cannot withstand deet. Therefore, it’s best to use deet free mosquito repeller, which works well with mosquitoes and doing away with their bites.

Studies recommend that people choose the three chemical repellents endorsed by the Centers for Disease Control, and these are picaridin, deet and oil of lemon eucalyptus. People often like the latter as they come from plants and are natural. However, they don’t really mean they are less toxic. Some tests also observed that oil from lemon eucalyptus can be irritative to some people; but they make an excellent brand to repel mosquitoes.

According to tests, oil of lemon eucalyptus prevented mosquito bites for about two hours, compared with 1.5 to five hours of deet in differing concentrations. A concentration of soybean oil protected the skin for 1.5 hours. Topical repellers with at least 5% of citronella also worked between 14 to 23 minutes. These forms of deet free mosquito repeller are reasonable techniques, especially when reapplied three or four times per hour. However, there are those people who prefer to put them once and enjoy most of the day by the outdoors.

Drop using citronella candles and torches unless your using it on your skin and minimise the number of mosquitoes feeding on your blood. Wristbands and patches with deet or essential oils must never be considered. You can do away with mosquitoes if you use airborne insecticides, you’ll better be protected once you apply them to your skin.

Never choose deet alternatives just because they are natural, however, choose those that have a feel and smell which is proven efficient for the time you intend to use it. Deet free mosquito repeller might be an option. However, whatever you use, just follow strictly the directions.

To be protected always with less chemicals needed, wear appropriate clothing that keeps away the mosquitoes. If you’re in one spot, provide enough breeze with a simple fan to blow away the mosquitoes.

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