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What You Get From A Similan Island Diving Cruise

Wake up to the calm sea as the water takes a warm pinkish tint of the rising sun. You sip hot coffee as the boat sails to the first dive spot of the day. Maps are laid out and dive briefs are first given. A description is given as to which fish can be seen at great depths. Aboard a Similan island diving cruise, everything is prepared for you. You get a nice topography, the currents, the duration and the ease of collection once you dive. You move to the dive deck while listening to music from a surround sound system. Before the boat reverses, a signal is given.

You then slowly move to the reef and around a sunken peak. You swim over rocks and corals, while seeing the same fish whose habits you try to observe closely, just like visiting a mute friend. Sometimes, you marvel at how these frequently dived sites around the Similan have become so familiar just like an urban town as Khao Lak. The main difference is that you’re swimming underneath the waters to a depth where you need to inhale and exhale. In the underwater world, you’ll find various marine life species such as leopard sharks, mantas, or the big fish itself. Certainly, there’s also the unexpected guitar shark with its wonderful yet weird pleurobranch, which ensures you need to continue the Similan Island diving cruise.

If you venture the Similan Islands number four and eight, they are accessible to the public. You’ll be amazed at the fantastic view off turquoise waters and lush green hills. Some will prefer not to leave the premises of the boat. They’ll prefer to go to the beach while staying and relaxing amidst the rays of the sun. You have come this far to Similan island diving with a tour leader to describe and provide information. You can also go snorkelling and travelling the rocks, so you reach the top. You choose not to sleep in your cabin as you can sleep amidst the unlimited view of the night sky and a soft gentle wake up in the morning.

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