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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Is Popular In The UAE

Cosmetic dental treatments are becoming more popular because of the people’s desire to achieve an Instagramable smile. Instead of using mobile phone apps to create a naturally beautiful smile, people can opt for dental crowns in Reading that are customized to match the color and shape of natural teeth. Dental crowns can support teeth that have been damaged by decay.

Residents of UAE have disposable income they can use to rebuild their worn down teeth to enhance their smile and make them look younger. According to Dr. Leila Hariri, a California certified dentist with a dental practice in Dubai, patients are willing to spend more to take care of their damaged teeth.

The smile is a very important aspect of a person’s personality. It could create a very good impression socially and professionally. Dr. Radhika Kewalramani, endodontist said that technology has made it possible to customize people’s smiles based on their gender, personality and age. People can regain their confidence through dental treatments that include whitening, crowns, veneers and cosmetic jaw surgeries.

The need to address worn out teeth is not only for aesthetics but functionality. Stress is inevitable nowadays and this results to teeth grinding or clenching that wears off teeth. Aside from having a more aged appearance, undue stress can cause temporomandibular joint, headaches and TMJ joint pain.

Over the years, the costs of dental treatment have fallen. New technologies have become more available to patients. For example, the cost of invisible aligners have dropped from Dh16,000 to Dh10,000. However, dental cosmetic treatments are often discretionary which means that a patient must understand the planned treatment and the benefits that can be gained.

Because of technology, patients can now hold 3D printed models and appreciate its impact. When dentistry is combined with art, chipped and worn down teeth will no longer be the source of embarrassment.

Treatment through dental crowns in Reading has a high success rate as a dental restoration method. Because dental crowns are durable, they can are considered as long term solutions to protect a damaged tooth from being damaged further. It is also very rare for a patient to suffer an allergic reaction to porcelain or some of the metals used in forming a crown.

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