Why Families Choose St Andrews School

Children who spend their fundamental years at an international school acquire high standards of knowledge and experience that are vital for the real world. They are given the opportunity to be part of a global scale as they collaborate with other kids who come from different parts of the world. With an impressive list of benefits it offers, both to children and parents, St. Andrews School gathers an increasing number of enrolees every year.

Facilities: Schools should be a venue where students are encouraged to discover what they want. This is why young learners at St Andrews School in Thailand are provided with facilities that allow them to learn beyond the classroom. These include playgrounds, venues for physical exercise, and cooking rooms. More and more parents choose this school because it gives their children the chance to explore and discover in a safe, engaging environment.

Sports: While it is important for students to learn history, literature and other academic subjects, St Andrews School in Thailand ensures that the kids develop a love for sports. Thus, they provide two swimming pools. One is a 25 meter competition pool and the other is a practice pool. The school also has two sports halls. The first hall is for playing basketball, tennis, and badminton, and the other is for dance classes and gymnastics. To complete the sports facilities, they also have an all-weather artificial grass football pitch. It is used both for football and rugby.

Technology: The international school in Bangkok wants their students to learn with the newest technology. They make use of a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard and tablet devices in every classroom. As children learn their lessons, they discover information technology skills at the same time.

Music: St. Andrews is also a school that brings out the musical talent of children at an early age. Students are given the opportunity to play keyboards, recorders, ukuleles and a wide variety of percussion instruments. In Key Stage 2, they study a specialist instrument which the school provides. They have a music room for specialist music lessons and the children are practiced and prepared by an orchestra.

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