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Why Services Of Professional Pest Control Are Necessary For Proper Treatment Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a serious health threat. They feed on human blood and cause various infections. It is very difficult to eliminate bed bugs, once they infest your home. These insects are very resilient and can survive for many months without food. The bugs spread from one place to other by travelling on pieces of furniture, clothing and other sorts of luggage.  Since preventing bed bugs from entering your home is easier than eliminating them from your home, it is always advisable to follow simple precautions. Precautions like inspecting the furniture thoroughly before bringing it inside your home, using protective covers for mattresses and pillows and maintain general cleanliness by regular vacuuming of the beds, curtains and all the hiding spots of these creatures. Treating bed bugs is an important criterion for properties such as hotels, hostels, hospitals and schools

There are many pest control services that treat bed bugs in Newcastle. These bugs are very difficult to treat and require several frequents visits by the technicians. The treatment of bed bugs needs a high concoction of toxins. The hard to catch bugs cannot be eliminated by the normal store bought pesticides.  Many of the do-it-yourself home remedies do not work on these persistent creatures.  Changing furniture and mattresses also does not work well to eliminate these creatures. The resilient bugs tend to retreat into clothing and nearby areas while they are not on hunt for food. The bed bugs also infest furniture and suck the blood of humans wherever possible.

Identifying these creatures is also an important task before starting the treatment. Most of the times, people misjudge other insect bites to that of bed bugs leading to wrong treatments. It requires a team of experienced technicians to inspect the premises and find out the source and cause of the problem.

The professional pest control services, which treat bed bugs in Newcastle use highly effective chemicals that are efficient at eliminating these durable and persistent creatures. The chemicals are organic and do not harm the humans. After the treatment, the technicians also educate the homeowners on the steps to follow in order to eliminate the infestation completely.

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