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You Can Now Create Your Own Illustrated Map Via Google Maps

Whether you like it or not, the emergence of Google Maps especially for Android smartphones has been pretty much helpful especially to those who travel during the majority of the day. Not only does Google Maps give you a detailed picture of where you are right now whether you are driving along the freeway outside the busy city or, you are on your way up the mountain ranges and you want to know where the next gasoline station is because your car is almost empty on fuel. Now, the newest kind of map, the illustrated map is currently making noise among map users and creators alike. For starters, these illustrated maps aren’t no ordinary maps which we can usually buy at bookstores. These maps are products of careful incorporation of hand drawings and technology for creation of maps. This incorporation alone makes the maps modifiable.


Nowadays, you can now make your own illustrated map by using the revolutionary Google Maps. This is a perfect tool especially for aspiring architect and engineers who need to make their own maps to help them learn about their chosen career paths. To be able to use Google Maps and create your own custom-made illustrated maps, you will need to log-in into your Google account if you have an existing one. If not, go sign-up for an account. Then, go to Google Maps. Once there, click on “My Places” and then the “Create Maps” button. Of course, you need to give your map a unique name. After naming it, make sure it’s “public” or “unlisted” then hit “Done”. Using the search box, search for your desired location and hit “Save to My Places”. You can now edit the chosen map in terms of changing the location’s title, description and yes, you can even change the colour of the map. Google Maps nowadays enables users to view maps according to three view options: “Satellite View”, “Street View” and, “Earth” to give users complete feeling of the heights of the buildings. You can even save your completed maps into your computers for easier access.

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