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5 New Technologies Used For Recycling Waste

Advancements in technology have led to the discovery of advanced methods of recycling junk. These new techniques produce efficient results in recycling junk items and are cost-effective. New technologies make it possible to recycle more and more items like concrete, cigarettes etc., which were not recyclable earlier.

Some new techniques used by junk removal Orange County and other waste management firms across the world are

  • Recycling Concrete and Rebar

Demolishing old buildings to construct new ones is a common practice. But the process of demolition consumes lots of energy and creates huge amount of waste. Recently, a student from Swedish University has created a robot to recycle the concrete and Rebar waste originating from demolition of buildings. The robot cleans the concrete and sucks it up using a water jet. This concrete is cleaned and repackaged to be used in construction. The water used during the process can be reused.

  • Recycling Cigarettes

Apart from polluting the environment and causing health risks, smoking creates a lot of waste. The leftover cigarette butts contributed to the amount of waste. New technology made it possible to recycle the leftover cigarette butts to produce plastic shipping pallets and other useful materials.

  • E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste is generated from old gadgets and electronics. These items contain metals and chemical compounds that can contaminate the environment and cause health problems. The invention of Recycling robots has made it easy to recycle smartphones, laptops and other electronics. These robots can efficiently separate glass, copper, plastics and other metals.

  • Anaerobic digestion

Anaerobic digestion is a relatively new method of recycling solid waste. This method can be used to turn solid waste into energy through the process of anaerobic digestion by microorganisms. Converting organic waste into energy reduces dependence on landfills and is environment friendly.

  • Recycling Plastic to Fuel

New technologies make it possible to convert plastics into fuel. This type of recycling provides two benefits: it reduces the plastic waste in landfills, it opens up a new source for fuel. Plastics can be converted into fuel by using a by-product generated during oil refining.

Junk removal Orange County agencies and waste management companies across the world are coming with new methods to recycle waste. Appropriate funding and investment in this industry can make waste management into a profitable industry.

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