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6 Things You Need To Know About Limerick Dental Implants

If you are thinking about getting Limerick dental implants, you surely would want to get more information about the procedure. The procedure is common nowadays, and if you are planning to have some dental implants, here is some basic information that you need to have.

  • Dental implants are a type of dental procedure that is conducted among patients with missing tooth or teeth and would like to replace the tooth or teeth with artificial type. The usual materials used in implants are acrylic resin, porcelain, ceramic, or metal. The average price of dental implant depends on the material used and the degree of difficulty required on the procedure.
  • It usually takes a month or two and 4 or 5 dental appointments before a dental implant is deemed completed. An implant can last up to 5 to 10 years and its longevity depends on the quality of the denture and the caring practices of the patient.
  • If you need Limerick dental implants, you would be happy to know that you can still enjoy your favorite food and drinks like you would with natural teeth. You just have to take care of your dental implants by brushing it regularly to prevent it from chipping off or damaging.
  • Dental implants are designed to be permanently attached to your jawbone. However, there are still the types that can be detached. Regardless if you have a singular implant or complete or overdentures, we would recommend our patients to take off the dentures before they sleep and soak the dentures on a denture solution overnight. Just make sure to rinse off the soaked implants before you wear them back in the morning.
  • Dental implants have to be cleaned regularly too. Use soft toothbrush and mild dental care products to clean your teeth and implants. Toothpaste with fluoride will help keep your teeth white and clean, even the implants. In general, patients are encouraged to practice proper oral hygiene to keep their teeth and gums, implants included, healthy.
  • If you are considering having Limerick dental implants, it is important that you follow our recommended schedule to visit your dentist to ensure that your implants are in excellent shape.