A Brief Insight On Natural Stone And Porcelain Tiles

Innovations in flooring has introduced interior stone floor tiles that are not only more affordable but easier to clean. Homeowners who want to make a statement with the way their home is designed can opt for stone tiles that exude a natural beauty that can withstand the test of time. Stone tiles have their distinctive characteristics making them an appropriate design solution.

When building or renovating a home, do you prefer a natural theme or a design with emphasis on technology? There are lots of natural products made from wood or manmade substitutes like laminates. When choosing between the natural and manmade products, costs will be a big consideration because natural is more expensive than synthetic.

Durability is also a deciding factor because the product has to last for a long time otherwise it has to be replaced all over again. There is a wide range of durable stone tiles with endless pattern variations. The strongest natural stone tile is granite that is stain resistant. However, it can also be susceptible to scratches in extreme circumstances.

At the other end of the spectrum are marble tiles that are soft, stains and etches prettily easily.Marble tiles have elegant appeal but like other natural stone tiles, it has to be sealed once a year. The dramatic and textured look is difficult to duplicate in synthetics.

A cheaper alternative to natural stone tiles is porcelain tiles that are water-resistant, stain resistant and does not require sealing. Because porcelain tiles are dense, they are very unlikely to scratch and chip. Lately, tile manufacturers have discovered digital photography and printing of natural stone patterns on the porcelain tiles to make it remarkably beautiful. Porcelain is about as strong as granite but it only costs a third of the price of the natural stone even with the printing.

In terms of durability, interior stone floor tiles can outlast other materials for flooring and wall applications. Density affects the durability of natural stones like granite and marble. Since they are denser than other stones, they perform better when installed in the interior of the home. You can certainly make a statement with the stone floor tiles.

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