Amazon’s Entry In Australia To Create Opportunities For Logistics Providers

Next year, Amazon will enter Australian retail; it is expected that retailers will be hit hard. Aside from brick and mortar stores, entire supply chains and logistics providers will be pressured because they will need additional warehouses, planes and trucks to ship Amazon goods. The goods that Amazon will be shipping to their customers from their warehouses and resellers must reach customers in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

According to Hoy Yen Hooper, the COO of Couriers Please, Australia’s geography and population distribution is significantly different from the United States, which is the home market of Amazon. The giant company needs to build relationships with local logistics providers.

More than half of the Australian population can be found on the eastern seaboard. The distances are broad and it takes longer to fly from Sydney to Darwin than travel to New Zealand.  In order to cover the distances, Amazon has to negotiate with some of the key players in the market to provide support. This requires scanning the market to get a feel and then creating partnership with key providers to assist in getting the goods to customers promptly.

If Amazon cannot find strategic partners for their customer-centric model, they have to create their own distribution network. There will be many opportunities for the local logistic companies from Amazon’s entry into the retail industry. Amazon can increase the volumes of service density which requires local logistic providers to optimize their networks and improve their delivery capabilities.

Courier companies must also focus on the collection of parcels and ensuring they are delivered to the destination including services like faster delivery time and package tracking. It goes without saying that customers expect more than just delivery of a parcel; they want real time tracking through their mobile phone. Courier companies have to review their entire operation to be better prepared for the onslaught that Amazon will create.

Customers who are sending a parcel to a domestic or international destination can receive courier quote online by providing the dimensions, measurements and cubic volume (in kilograms) of their parcel on the domestic or international calculator. To access customer service, feel free to call or send an email.

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