As Niagara Falls Activists Call For Financial Control Board, State Sends In Help

If you ask activist Terry Kline, she thinks the province is ripe for a change because the group believes that fiscal crisis is currently upon Niagara Falls. To the foreign ears, this might come as a surprise considering the number of tourists visiting the province and taking the Niagara Falls boat ride but for residents this is their reality.

Kline said that it is time for the state to develop its own financial control board. This is why she decided to create an online petition through the website in order to rally Niagara Falls resident behind her in requesting the governor to consider their proposal for a control board that will manage the province.

Meanwhile, Governor Andrew Cuomo said that financial aid will be provided by the New York state in order to help the Niagara Falls which is currently in a state of distress. The announcement was made by the governor during a visit in Buffalo where he went to the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Cuomo revealed that the state is planning to fund $12.3 million for Niagara Falls as aid because of the expected budget gap this year.

Cuomo was also open to discussing the current rift between the Seneca Nation of Indians and the state because of the proposed casino. He said that the conclusion will be reached soon. As of now, their focus is on Niagara Falls because it is evidently suffering and the state is willing to do everything to help which is why they are going fund $12.3 million.

Turn out the money is not purely a gift from the state but a loan which will eventually be taken from the province’s revenue once they have the financial matters settled. During the visit at the cancer institute, Cuomo also talked about the improvements they have made with regards to research done by Center of Molecular Immunology in Cuba and the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

As the money is sent to Niagara, the government is hoping that tourism including the Niagara Falls boat ride revenue will help them tide over until the financial situation has calmed down.

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