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Marketing Reviews Tips

IAB And PwC Data Shows Aussie Digital Advertising Growing

Australia’s digital ad market is doing well with double-digit growth, according to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC Online Advertising Expenditure Report. Digital advertising across Australia hit $2.993bn during the first quarter of 2021 (ending at 31 March 2021), up from $2.291bn from Q1 2020. This good performance comes hot on the […]

Marketing Reviews Tips

Educating Users Effectively Through Review Videos

The traditional way for customers to share their experience with a brand is to write a review and post it on social media or a reputable third-party review site. Recently, more and more customers are now giving their feedback through videos and users actually love them. Advantages of review videos Videos are more entertaining because […]

Ports Security Tips

The Challenges Of 100% Vehicle Scanning At The US Ports Of Entry

Last January 5, a new law was signed requiring every vehicle, truck, and freight train that crosses into the United States from Canada or Mexico to be scanned and inspected at the ports of entry using X-ray or any similar technology. Once the law is enforced the scanning requirements would likely cause major traffic congestion […]

Marketing Reviews Tips

YouTube Videos For Marketing

There is an overabundance of textual content online so that people have veered towards easy-to-digest format that is both informative and entertaining. In order to remain competitive, many marketers have learned the importance of incorporating videos into their marketing content. There are many different types of videos that can be used in the marketing strategy […]

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How To Ask For A Customer Review Through Email

Customer reviews online provide the social proof that businesses need to influence the behaviour of consumers. It makes sense for a business to have a steady stream of favourable reviews that deliver the experiences that consumers like. However, what is the best way to reach out to customers and ask for their feedback? One of […]

Criminal Lawyer’s Lawyer

The Rights Of A Defendant As Provided For By The Constitution

Criminal defendants have constitutional rights but the most important is the requirement that the prosecution must prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. The Sixth Amendment provides that any accused person shall enjoy the assistance of a counsel for his defence. There are many other rights that will be discussed below. Right to remain silent According to […]

children’s book Illustrations

Helping A Child Understand A Story Through Illustrations

Children’s books can become more interesting by mixing them up with different illustrations. The number of illustrations usually depends on page count and the story that the book wants to deliver. Early readers often prefer books with full-page or half-page illustrations because it helps them understand the story without reading text. In order to get […]