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Microsoft Backs AU’s Plan To Make Tech Giants Pay For News

The AU government proposed a plan to make the biggest digital platforms operating in the country pay for any new content, aimed at ensuring Aussie media companies get proper compensation for having their news content used by tech giants. In response to the proposal, Google threatened that it would pull out of Australia completely, barring […]

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How Do You Ask A Customer To Leave A Review?

According to a HubSpot research, customers trust recommendations from family and friends more than any form of marketing and advertising campaign. In the absence of word-of-mouth recommendations, consumers rely on online reviews as a credible source of information. Businesses must not be intimated to ask customers to leave a review because most of them are […]

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The Pros And Cons Of Working From Home From A Lawyer’s Perspective

Daily life has changed so much for people and organizations including law firms like Donich Law since March 2020; however, certain aspects of the coronavirus pandemic have produced better lawyers. Professional development has been easier for lawyers because they can attend virtual CLE’s from the comfort of home or the office. According to a criminal […]

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US Truckload Carriers Looking To Get Rates Up By 2021

For truckload carriers and service providers like, truck capacity has been at its tightest since 2018, as noted by executives. They’re working on changing that, noting that arguing rate hikes are necessary in order to support more wage hikes for truckers, so they warned shippers to get rate increases in 2021. Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings […]

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Why Countries Must Act Fast Towards Economic Recovery

Many businesses are facing financial pressure because of the coronavirus pandemic. Since the trend nowadays is online shopping, businesses have to invest in digital marketing strategies to stay afloat during the crisis. You can watch King Kong SEO reviews online to gain an idea of how to double the revenue through a custom marketing strategy. The global […]

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Post-Pandemic Marketing Trends For Financial Institutions

The marketing model developed by king kong sabri suby makes use of a profitable sales funnels provided by social media. Facebook ads can turn leads into appointments for the sales team. The appointments will eventually be converted into customers. It is important for financial institutions to embrace digital transformation, content marketing, branding, and other new technologies for […]