Cambodia As The Favourite Destination Of Trade Exhibitors

Trade shows provide the opportunity to reconnect with other members of a particular industry. Major trade shows are held in big cities and last for several days so that the exhibitors can connect with potential customers. Organizers of trade shows usually opt for marquee hire on the Gold Coast to achieve a larger display space. Brands are promoted through the booths so that exhibitors can gain a list of prospects.

Trade exhibition business is gradually growing into a big industry in Cambodia. The liberal policies of Cambodia are very interesting to foreign investors. Its reliable economy is turning the Kingdom into an international venue for trade exhibitions. The premier venue of the country, Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Centre that is located in Phnom Penh hosted 20 major expos last year. Another 24 trade shows are scheduled for this year.

Companies that are interested in opening a market in Cambodia have seen the country’s economic potential. At least 90% of exhibitors in trade shows are old clients who keep on coming back because of the high ROI.

Many European and Asian trade exhibitors prefer Phnom Penh because of the strong confidence in the business community. Companies have the opportunity to promote a wide range of products from heavy machineries to cars, travel and tourism, construction and property development and consumer goods.

Cambodia boasts of modern infrastructure, highways and airports and good air connectivity. Hotels and transportation are readily available for the exhibition industry. There are business-to-business expos that are open to the general public as well as foreign government-led agencies and private sector trade shows.

In a developing economy, trade shows can generate jobs, boost tourism, expose new technologies to small enterprises, link businesses and bring in foreign currency. Exhibitors book hotels and spend money in entertainment centres after the exhibition. All these activities generate money for the economy.

When organizers of trade shows opt for marquee hire on the Gold Coast, they create more space for product exhibits. The marquees are fitted with sturdy plywood flooring that can handle the most demanding use. High quality marine grade stainless steel cables ensure that the tents are secure and upright.

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