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4 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Currency Exchange

You may require to exchange currency for a variety of reasons such as buying property overseas, paying international tuition fees, travelling to foreign countries for vacation or work etc. all these scenarios will require to exchange your home currency to the currency of the destination country. Foreign exchange rates are very volatile. They fluctuate minute […]


Tips To Get The Best Exchange Rate On Your Next Trip

Planning a trip to a foreign destination is always exciting. However, the most challenging task is to determine, how you will spend your money. You have to decide whether you want to carry an international debit/ credit card, exchange your money and carry the permitted amount of foreign currency, use travelers cheques and so on.  […]


Importance Of Chartered Accountant Insurance

It is ironic that the profession that’s dedicated to reducing the company’s financial threats is always full of risks. A chartered accountant works hard to ensure that the company’s financial health is always in tip-top condition. It is impossible to brush off the possible risks that come with performing his duties. A chartered accountant’s life […]


Banks Need To Be Forearmed Against Potential ATM Hacking

Financial institutions and bank ATM installation companies should be wary of possible ATM hacking by unscrupulous individuals that will unduly drain their business coffers.   The FBI has issued a warning to financial organizations about the possibility of their ATMs’ becoming targets of hacking attempts.   The possible risk appeared at Krebs on Security, a […]

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World Bank’s Growth Forecast For Myanmar Not Encouraging For Investors

Visitors usually expect Yangon Restaurants to serve traditional Asian cuisine with exotic flavours, rich aromas and spices. However, in recent years, many restaurants have started to serve international food to reflect a more cosmopolitan character. Aside from good food, there are restaurants in Yangon that provide a perfect hangout for people. The tourism sector is […]