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4 Factors To Consider While Choosing A Currency Exchange

You may require to exchange currency for a variety of reasons such as buying property overseas, paying international tuition fees, travelling to foreign countries for vacation or work etc. all these scenarios will require to exchange your home currency to the currency of the destination country. Foreign exchange rates are very volatile. They fluctuate minute […]

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How To Get The Best Currency Exchange Canada

If you’re planning a currency exchange Canada, it can really go expensive. Unless it’s done right, the foreign currency your planning to exchange can provide you a huge sum on your pockets. This article will show you how you can possibly get the best rate for exchanging a currency to cash. When you do currency […]


Thailand Unbanked Consumers Optimistic With Connectivity

In Thailand, a great majority of its population are “unbanked” or not served by banks or financial institutions. There people generally pay for their purchases in cash because they have not acquired any money-related services. The best option for peer-to-peer transactions is the Cash Card (บัตรกดเงินสด) that provides credit to the “unbanked” Thai citizen in […]

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Paypal Credit Launches In The United Kingdom

There are multiple ways to pay when shopping for products and goods online. Credit cards is an example of this payment method. But, for those without credit cards, the option to shop online may become a limitation. Now that PayPal Credit has rolled out widely in the UK, it allows for spending in online stores […]

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Is It Worth Paying A High Annual Credit Card Fee?

Is the $95 annual fee for a credit card worth the price? Chances are it isn’t because an average credit card holder will not use the card to simply justify the high annual fee. According to banks earned about $90.3 billion in credit card fees last 2014 and the additional hikes in 2015 are […]