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Report Says That Fake Followers In Influencer Marketing Will Cut Into Brands’ Profits

The power of internet marketing is undeniable, something that companies like King Kong SEO reviews know all too well. Internet reviews, blogs, and paid ads are among the common ways for brand to market themselves online, though influencer marketing, where companies pay influencers with lots of followers online. It’s wildly popular, and highly profitable.     […]


Rodent Infestation In Los Angeles Has Turned For The Worse

Rodents in the home or business are dangerous because they transmit diseases. If you own a food establishment and a customer sees a rodent scurrying on the floor, the restaurant will immediately gain bad reviews in social media. Don’t wait for a customer to post a rat sighting, call rat control in Brisbane for rodent […]


Consumer Warnings Against Locksmiths With No License

According to a locksmith association, many consumers and businesses are currently falling victim to unlicensed locksmiths. They use a number of strategies to trick their clients from fake invoices to unnecessary lock replacement, phoney businesses and even credit card scheming. There are many reputable service providers like the locksmiths in Northside but it cannot be […]


Personality Traits Of A Successful Electrician In Morningside

To be a successful electrician, one must possess relevant personality traits that will enhance the qualification and skills of such a trade person. Different persons have different qualities and personal traits. Some are positive and the others are negative. To achieve career goals and objectives, an electrician must continue to develop his positive qualities. For […]


Burglary Bad For Business As Seattle Green Buds Lost More Than $120K

Seattle Green Buds’ owner, Larry Perrigo, was shocked when he received an alarm notification on the eve of Christmas that his indoor pot farm has been burglarized. Burglary is bad news for every business and professionals at Aspley locksmith believe that it can be avoided with the right security in place. Perrigo shared that after […]