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Post-Pandemic Marketing Trends For Financial Institutions

The marketing model developed by king kong sabri suby makes use of a profitable sales funnels provided by social media. Facebook ads can turn leads into appointments for the sales team. The appointments will eventually be converted into customers. It is important for financial institutions to embrace digital transformation, content marketing, branding, and other new technologies for […]

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Traditional Media Advertising Will Be Outdone By Digital Ads In 2020, A First

Digital marketing has been growing consistently across the years, as more and more people rely on their computers and mobile devices for information. For the people in the digital marketing industry, the people like king kong sabri suby, the growth has been both a boon and a challenge. In a COVID-19 world, no industry has […]

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Undisclosed Influencer Reviews Being Investigated By FTC

Consumers post comments based on service experienced and the trustworthiness of the company. An example is King Kong agency review on how the digital agency measures up to consumer expectations. There are literally thousands of digital agencies but a good review can make a big difference. Aside from reviews posted by consumers based on their […]

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Why Businesses Must Consider Video Marketing For High ROI

Recently, consumers have noticed that marketing has gone visual. There are reviews on YouTube to promote products and services and enhance online reputation. Aside from reviews, consumers are now exposed to visual testimonials, tutorials, interviews, vlogs, product demonstrations and product presentations. According to current video marketing statistics, about 80% of video marketing receive positive ROI. […]

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Steps In Buying A New Motorbike

Many of the biking enthusiasts dream of buying a motorcycle and zoom around the roads to enjoy the freedom. However, buying a motorcycle is an important decision, which requires huge investment. Here are some steps involved in buying Aprilia motorbikes of your choice. Training and license Getting enrolled in a driving school and getting the […]