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New ECO Scheme To Force Low Income Households To Shift To Heating Systems In Fear Of Losing Financial Support For Boiler Repairs And Replacements

New Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme would no longer provide financial assistance for low-income homeowners who need boiler repairs, if plans are to push through.   The New Scheme The new ECO scheme supports different ways to save energy, including more energy efficient home heating options like gas heating. Many low income households in Dorset […]

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Leather Sector On A High In Zimbabwe

According to an official from the Comesa also known as Common Market for Easter and Southern Africa, the country is already poised in releasing a new industry strategy for their leather products in the following month. After which, they are expecting that the region will experience an improvement in production. Leather is mainly used by […]

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The Importance Of Financial Reports For A Business Investment Decision

The type of work done by a chartered accountant including the professional fees and billing cycles is exposed to different risks. One of the important aspects of risk management is chartered accountant insurance that is designed specifically for accounting professionals. The coverage is comprehensive meaning it only includes what you need. Adeeb Hossain Khan, president […]