Dental School Appoints New Associate Dean For Translational Research

Many a Pennsylvania and West Chester dentist have come from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, one of the four dental schools in the state. The School recently appointed a new associate dean of Translational Research, a newly christened position focused on dental research efforts to improve the welfare of people.

The position will be occupied by Patricia Corby, who hails from the New York University’s College of Dentristy and School of Medicine, where she used to be part of the faculty. Her new role at Penn will see her taking charge and managing teams of researchers in studying potential treatments for severe dental diseases that most West Chester dentist, or anywhere else, would rather not have to face alongside their patients if possible, like oral cancer, among other conditions.

Dental School Dean Mark Wolff spoke to local media outlets about the appointment, saying that Pat Corby joining the Penn Dental Medicine team will let them expand their care for patients that are dealing with oral cancer, as well as the necessary associated radiation therapy for dealing with it, on top of expanding the range of the school’s currently existing clinical research program.

Reportedly, Corby’s research will focus on preventing and treating the oral symptoms, as well as the side effects that patients of oral cancer tend to experience. Currently, Corby is working on a clinical trial in order to see and study what the effects of radiation therapy on patient’s oral health, particularly those dealing with head and neck cancer. This research will continue during her tenure at Penn as part of an interdisciplinary project, conducted alongside the Department of Radiation Oncology in the Perelman School of Medicine.

Corby has a notable history of holding leadership positions handling clinical research, including acting as NYU Langone Health’s Director of Clinical Research Operations, as well as being one of the co-leaders of the NYU Clinical and Translational Research Institute.

Later, on the 17th of May, Corby will be speaking at Penn Dental to discuss her clinical trial, and its results; to detail the effects of oral health on cancer care.

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