Marketing Reviews Tips

Educating Users Effectively Through Review Videos

The traditional way for customers to share their experience with a brand is to write a review and post it on social media or a reputable third-party review site. Recently, more and more customers are now giving their feedback through videos and users actually love them.

Advantages of review videos

  • Videos are more entertaining because people can actually see and hear the customer talking about his experience with a product or service. It is more likely for viewers to finish a video until its end; something that they don’t usually do with written content.
  • A review video allows a customer to give the exact message to users. Written reviews can be misinterpreted in different ways. Review videos show more content unlike reviews on third-party platforms that consist only of a few sentences. In most instances, the review will only contain the words “Excellent service.”
  • Review videos about products will often show the customer actually using the product. When the review video is used for marketing purposes, the company can add helpful tips or easy-to-follow instructions on how the product can be used properly.
  • Videos are the trend right now. They are accessible and convenient for users of mobile devices. Compared to other platforms, videos can send a message in a matter of seconds.

A digital marketing agency makes use of king kong agency review videos to reach out to prospective customers. The videos can easily communicate the information that the customer wants to share in the most convenient way possible to influence users in their purchasing decisions.