Entrepreneurs In Swansea Closing Their Businesses Due To Rising Crime

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In Swansea, business owners are closing their shops for good because of rising crime. It has become unsafe to walk along the pavements after dark because of guns, violence, prostitution and drugs. After 5 pm, prostitutes and drug users take over the streets making it unsafe for customers and staff.

Last year, the police in South Wales recorded a surprising 1,164 incidents in the historic high street of Swansea, one of the highest recorded in Britain. There was one case wherein a man was attacked by a thug in a pub. His face was smashed by a pole. Another incident was the attack on two prostitutes. The attacker was jailed afterwards.

The White Swan pub that offers craft beer and live entertainment on high street closed for the last time after the young business owner, Geraint Couch gave up because of the rising crime. He has had enough of the crime and the absence of police action. Walsingham Support – a charity that provides accommodations to 9 vulnerable adults has plans of moving out of the area.

People no longer want to go to White Swan pub because they are afraid. There are no police, no CCTV’s. An owner of an adjoining business claimed that Mr. Couch finally decided to close the pub after a man using an air rifle took shots at passersby. This happened a day after the mosque massacre in New Zealand. You can’t walk on the streets with a mobile phone or purse on hand because it would be gone.

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