Factors To Consider While Buying A Roof Rack For Your Car

A roof rack is a versatile exterior accessory of a car. It frees up the leg room inside the cabin and provides extra luggage space on top of the car. A roof rack is an ideal solution to carry huge luggage, camping gear, canoes, bicycles, kayaks etc.

There are different varieties of roof racks available in the market. Vehicle owners can choose from a variety of materials, shapes and builds, depending on their requirements and budget. However, choosing a right roof rack like the Weathertech rack sack rooftop cargo carrier helps the vehicle owners to have extra luggage storage space without damaging the exterior of the car.

If you are confused about choosing the right roof rack, consider the following factors before taking the decision.


The weight of the roof rack is very important. While a strong roof rack like the Weathertech rack sack rooftop cargo carrier is good, heavy roof racks are problematic. Opt for roof racks made of light metals like aluminium or woven polyester material, which are lighter weight but provide optimum load carrying strength.

Choose modular roof racks

Opting for modern roof racks that can be easily installed and removed allows to use the roof rack whenever needed. You can remove the rack and store it when not in use. A modular rack can be adjusted according to the luggage needs.


Durability of the rack is of utmost importance. Invest in a good quality roof rack like, Weathertechracksack rooftop cargo carrier that is made from 1800 denier woven polyester material. The rack is highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions.

Low profile

Choose a low profile roof rack that creates less noise and provides optimum fuel mileage. A low profile roof rack provides easy access to low ceiling parking garages. It is easy to load and unload luggage from low profile racks.

Reputation of the company

Choose the roof racks manufactured by reputed companies like Weathertech. These companies provide high quality roof racks at competitive prices. They also provide warranties on the products. They provide good customer support and assistance. Always remember to buy the products from authorized dealers of the company, who have good reputation and provide professional service.

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