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Five Tips To Improve Cleanliness In Schools

Children have weak immune systems and are prone to fall sick easily. Children pickup many disease causing germs and pathogens from the school environment, as they spend a major part of the day in schools. It is essential to maintain cleanliness and create a hygienic environment in schools.

Schools should maintain the school neat and tidy and germ free. They should hire the school cleaning in Sydney services provided by commercial cleaners or maintain in-house janitors to clean the school regularly. Schools should also educate the students, teachers and staff about proper hygiene and develop an understanding about the importance of cleanliness and personal hygiene in daily life.

Some simple steps to teach children about personal hygiene and cleanliness are

  1. School should strive to convey the importance of cleanliness through fun activities. Children adopt hygienic habits, if they are made to look fun and enjoyable. Schools should conduct various activities and competitions to educate the children about cleanliness.
  2. Children should be made to understand the importance of hand washing. They should be taught the correct way to wash hands using antiseptic liquid, soap and water. Schools should maintain proper cleaning products at the school toilets and washbasins. They can hire the services of school cleaning in Sydney companies, to clean and sanitize the toilets and other places frequently used by the children.
  3. Children should be introduced to the importance of maintain oral hygiene. Schools should ingrain good habits like clipping finger nails, brushing teeth twice a day, flossing etc. from a young age.
  4. The playing room, library, playground, labs and all other areas in the school should be kept disinfected. Schools should examine all the areas in the school and identify the highly contaminated areas and clean them regularly. School management can outsource the cleaning function to professional school cleaning in Sydney firms, who use the right products and equipment to clean and sanitize the school.
  5. Classrooms should be cleaned at regular intervals. Children spend most of their time at school in their classrooms. The classrooms should be dusted and mopped regularly. A neat classroom provides a safe learning environment to the students and a tidy workspace for the teacher. A clean and healthy classroom reduces the chances of illness and decreases absenteeism in teachers and students. Schools can appoint professional school cleaning services in Sydney, to regularly clean the classrooms, libraries, play areas and other important areas in the premises.

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