Freedom To Go Clubbing For A $60 Novelty ID

If you will walk along Yonge Street just off the Ryerson University campus, you will find a small store that sells Novelty IDs for $60. According to 20-year old Denis Karasik, he attempted to use the fake ID for 5 times but it worked only once. Karasik was aware that a fake ID will give him freedom to enter bars and clubs.

It would typically cost an individual $30 to $80 to get a novelty ID. There are many small places with discreet signs advertising fake IDs. Right across the Ryerson Student Learning Center there are multiple stores with bright yellow signs that advertise “Best Prices in Town for Fake IDs. Normally, passersby’s would just ignore the stores but not the 18-year old students who are desperate to experience clubbing and getting drunk with friends.

Underage drinking is part of a Canadian youth’s experience that is why many are tempted to buy novelty ID’s. According to statistics from Teen Challenge Canada, 83% of Grade 12 students in Ontario have admitted to drinking alcohol. The average age of first exposure to alcohol is 13 years old while the average first intoxicated experience is 14 years old.

Out of curiosity, a 19-year old decided to follow the bright yellow sign advertising fake IDs. On a small trailer that resembled a hut across the Student Learning Center, there were two guys who were eager to make the novelty ID. Customers had to fill up a form that requires the name, birthday, and eye and hair color. A tiny blue square hanging on a wall served as background for pictures. He provided a fake name and birthday because he saw it on TV.

The entire process took 5 minutes but a customer has to wait for 2 hours for the card. For $60, you get a novelty ID with a fake name, location and birth date.

Sometimes, fake ID’s become bad investments or a serious waste of money because they are very poorly done and won’t pass a security check at a bar. If you really need Novelty IDs for entertainment purposes, try to order online where ID makers guarantee the best quality that is worth the money.

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