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Growth In Online Sales Causes A Furniture Store To Close Shop

Office renovations are becoming a trend because companies have to adapt to changes in the workplace. Happy and comfortable employees are more productive and efficient. In order to justify the investment in renovation, affordable but high quality office furniture in Auckland can be purchased to generate a good impression from both employees and clients.

After 58 years in business, National Furniture is closing down its showroom. Mark Barnes the owner underestimated the growth of online furniture vendors. However, he does not regret the years that he spent in the family enterprise.

Customer attitude changed after the recession. Upholstery, chairs and sofas are being sold online. These items comprised 20% of National Furniture’s revenue. Barnes said that 80% of their revenue is used to support overhead expenses so that losing 20% hit them hard.

Mark noticed that he was losing to internet sales when he was not able to sell the little decorative chairs. Wayfair which is an online home goods retailer was offering the same chairs for lower cost and free shipping.

According to Barnes, there were about 20 locally owned furniture stores in the area 2 decades ago. Now, they are being replaced by chains. When National Furniture finally closes, Mark will miss the camaraderie in the industry. In spite of the competition among the local furniture stores, the owners have remained friends.

National Furniture is not closing down because of the challenges. It is the right time to rent out the space. Employees will also have the opportunity to look for other jobs. However, Mark won’t be putting his feet up anytime soon. He and his wife have been flipping houses for more than 30 years. He also owns some real estate investments in the area. Some day in the future, he may consider returning to the business of selling.

In order to ensure that office furniture in Auckland will exactly fit the space, it is important to have a 3D rendering of the office. This will allow you to choose among the different possibilities to maximize space and functionality. An expert team is prepared to work with clients to explore the most ideal solutions.

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